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Изменение тарифов

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Уважаемые Господа!
В связи с постоянно растущей тенденцией увеличения стоимости моторного топлива, с 16.05.2011 мы вынуждены, первый раз за два года , не существенно, скорректировать наши тарифы в сторону увеличения. Надеемся на понимание и приносим извинения за причинённые неудобства.

С новыми тарифами вы можете ознакомиться здесь: тарифы на легковые автомобили


Discount card of the Taxi of the Bistro

Taxi Discont in Moscow.Dear clients of the company of the Taxi of the Bistro if you plan to take advantage of services of our company not once, the further information for you.

We render your attention new service which will allow you to spend more economically means at the order of service of a taxi in our company and at the reference to our partners

Of the discounts specified more low any client Taksi of the Bistro having our Discount card can take advantage.

Order of acquisition and Discount card use.

  • For acquisition of the Discount card it is necessary to inform you at the next order of a taxi to the dispatcher on the desire to get the Discount card.
  • the Driver who has submitted the car under your order, will be advised in advance of your desire and upon termination of a trip will hand over you a card.
  • The card stands out absolutely free of charge.
  • the Discount card is number, but depersonalized. Therefore to it any of your acquaintances can take advantage, doing the order by phone having informed number of a card and having shown to its driver upon termination of a trip.

And so … that we offer:

*every 3 a trip – the discount of 10 %

*on trips from above 5 hours (incoincident with above specified) – the discount of 10 %

That person who has declared desire of its acquisition will be initially considered as the owner of the Discount card. Therefore the message on loss of a card or stay of its action will be accepted only from this person with acknowledgement of the initial contact information.

Unfortunately the list of services getting under discounts not so is great, as it would be desirable … But it only the beginning.

Further this list it will be considerable it is expanded.