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Tariffs for cars


Moscow (including MKAD) Day (7:00-22:00) Night (22:00-7:00)
The econom a class 20 minutes - 300 rbl.
Further - 10 rbl. / minute
30 minutes - 400rbl.
Further - 10 rbl. / mines
Comfort a class The minimum term of the order - 1 hour - 800 rbl. Further - 10rub./minute

Additional services

Trips for MKAD (the Moscow region) the Kilometric area is counted from MKAD and to a disembarkation place Econom 22 rub/km
Comfort 25 rub/km
The versatile person 25 rub/km
Expectation for MKAD (the Moscow region) Under hour tariffs
Giving for MKAD Econom 12 rub/km
Comfort 14 rub/km
Cargo transportation in salon The tariff + 200 rbl.
Transportation of animals The tariff + 200 rbl.
Express services The tariff + 200 rbl. each address
The car with a body "Versatile person" Minimal term of the order 800 rbl. 1 hour., further 10 rbl. / minute
The sober driver Within MKAD - the minimum term of the order - 2 hours - 2000 rbl. further - 30 minutes - 500 руб For MKAD - the minimum term of the order + 30 rbl. / km, beginning from MKAD Giving of the second car - under operating quotations
Car stage
  • At refusal of service after car giving, the client pays the minimum term of the order.
  • At the urgent order which does not have certain time of giving, 10 minutes free of charge are given to the client.
  • By transportation animals, the client is obliged to provide cleanliness and safety of salon of the car. By transportation animals, the client is obliged to give a rug.
  • Liquidation of pollution of salon of the car because of the customer is carried out at the expense of the customer under tariffs of the organisations which are carrying out cleaning of salon.
  • At the order of the car over 6 hours - the discount of 10 %.